Short Term Dive Protection

Protect your dive customers in a quick and convenient way through IDA’s Short Term Dive Protection program. IDA is DAN Europe’s insurance company. This programme is entirely free and if you sign up, you will be able to offer the following insurance cover through plans of variable duration.

Medical support by DAN Europe


What is covered Details Cover Limits in Euros €
Medical evacuation in case of diving accident/injuryto the nearest appropriate facility (including suspect DCI cases)Total Cost for any diving emergency requiring medical evacuation
Emergency Medical TreatmentEmergency treatment of DCI and Diving related Injuries, including Hyperbaric Therapy and Hospitalization (including First Diving Emergency Medical Assessment and Hyperbaric Pressure Test  in case of Suspect DCI)€ 30.000,00
Specialized Medical Treatment

Necessary after a diving accident (early post acute care, incl. rehabilitation and post-traumatic stress treatment) - up to 30 days from date of incident and always in the country where the diving accident took origin.

€ 1.500,00
Search & Rescue Expensesfollowing diving activity only incl. cave diving€ 10.000,00
Permanent Disabilityin case of diving related accident€ 5.000,00
Extra Hotel & Travel Costsin case of disruption of travel plans following an indemnifiable diving accident€ 1.000,00
Return to Hotel/ResortFollowing medical evacuation and hospitalisation as a result of a diving accident€ 1.000,00


The dive centre or school which signs up for the Short Term Dive Protection programme is insured through a group policy provided by IDA Insurance Ltd. and distributed by VING Ltd.
IDA Insurance Ltd. and VING (VING Insurance Brokers Ltd.) are subsidiaries of DAN Europe Group & are duly authorized/regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Please read carefully the insurance policy.

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